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Thanks, wizard. I'll try this when I get home.

Both bulbs look fine upon inspection. The headlight fuse is fine. I'm pretty sure the problem is the relay. Diagnosing that is half the battle, because I'll want to know why the relay went bad.

I installed Clearwater Glenda LED conspicuity lights a couple of years ago. They get their power by tapping into the headlight wires with Positaps. Sometimes, on rough or wavy pavement, the LED lights used to flicker. I suspect that there was a not-so-solid connection that flickered on and off, wreaking havoc on the relay.

When the headlights (low beam and high beam) stopped working, so did the Clearwater Glendas. I interpret that as evidence that the problem isn't the socket, because the Glendas are tapped into the headlight wire right before the low-beam socket.

But I'll also check the voltage coming from the regulator/rectifier.

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