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Holy Crap , hopefully not the stator again

Originally Posted by Holden View Post
No power is going to the headlight sockets of my 2009 650, and I want to test the headlight relay.

The manual says to remove the relay box. Then it says "Check conductivity of the following numbered terminals by connecting the hand tester and one 12 V battery to the relay box."

This is the step that I don't understand. Because the next step in the manual is called "Relay Circuit Inspection (with the battery disconnected)". So which is it? Battery disconnected, or 12v battery to the relay box?

I have a cheap, tiny pocket multimeter, a Craftsman 82351. Do I simply set it to ohms and touch the leads to the 1 and 3 sockets, and ignore what the manual says about connecting a 12v battery?

And what if I get infinite resistance? Isn't that what I should expect, given that the lights don't work? How do I test whether the relay closes?

If someone instructs me to "connect the battery to the relay box," that's not going to help. How do I connect the battery? Literally, when the relay box is removed and I'm testing it, and it needs to be connected to the battery, what wires go where?
Real easy, no meter required, unplug the stator plug, 3 black wires that go to the regulator, (white wires are from the stator)
You need a short piece of wire, and a small jewelers screwdriver or just a fine slot screwdriver. Or , if you have like some solid copper telephone wire will work, no screwdriver needed.****note, screwdriver takes the place of solid wire as the pins are really small, and not a lot of room to get inside the socket to touch the pins. Note make sure you are using the positive terminal, not ground, as your regulator is live ( positive main fuse connected to it) all the time.

--use both hands and connect the jumper to the positive terminal while using your other hand for testing, you don't want to solidly connect to the battery, because if the wire touches ground, it will vaporize and you and your bike could have a burn mark.

So, first test, just hold the wire on the positive terminal, and touch the three pins of the black wire going to the regulator, one at a time, you need a quiet place to test this, one of those pins should give you a clicking sound, if so, ( if not, see note at bottom)proceed to next test;

Turn ignition key to on, do not start bike and the pin that gave the clicking sound, connect again, this time the headlight should come on, at the same time, turn on your high beam, if only high beam comes on, your bulb or socket is done on low beam---Done!

Note: no clicking and second step didn't produce either high or low beam, you need a new relay, FYI the headlight is a circuit of it's own, that is it has a fuse for it, if you hear clicking, it is possible the fuse is blown, although fuses fail for a reason,---will wait on your reply, no use looking for a problem that doesn't exist!

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