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How do I test the headlight relay?

No power is going to the headlight sockets of my 2009 650, and I want to test the headlight relay.

The manual says to remove the relay box. Then it says "Check conductivity of the following numbered terminals by connecting the hand tester and one 12 V battery to the relay box."

This is the step that I don't understand. Because the next step in the manual is called "Relay Circuit Inspection (with the battery disconnected)". So which is it? Battery disconnected, or 12v battery to the relay box?

I have a cheap, tiny pocket multimeter, a Craftsman 82351. Do I simply set it to ohms and touch the leads to the 1 and 3 sockets, and ignore what the manual says about connecting a 12v battery?

And what if I get infinite resistance? Isn't that what I should expect, given that the lights don't work? How do I test whether the relay closes?

If someone instructs me to "connect the battery to the relay box," that's not going to help. How do I connect the battery? Literally, when the relay box is removed and I'm testing it, and it needs to be connected to the battery, what wires go where?

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